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Does Bernie Sander's Stand a Chance?


Two Saturday's ago I came to get some work done in the morning. The noise at Starbucks was a little too much since it was the memorial day weekend. A young man came excused himself and sat in front of me.

He started talking on the phone and a little while after pulled some brochures and buttons and place it on the table. I had to know what it was all about.

I struck a conversation with him. He was the campaign coordinator for Bernie Sander's. I have not seen any Bernie followers before nor paid much attention. He explained a little about what Bernie stands for. Before we finished our conversation a gentleman walked in and introduced himself.

He was a volunteer who agreed to go door to door canvasing for Bernie. After the official business he was about to go. I could not pass the opportunity to experience firsthand how this will go and to see if Bernie has a real chance to win the presidential elections?

I asked if I could join and neither one opposed. There I went canvassing for Bernie. Was it exciting? It was uneventful for most of the part. Like Jim says in his video people are non-responsive probably thinking here comes some missionary trying to convert you to some religion. 

Would They Vote for Bernie?

The few who responded had an interesting take on; vote or not to vote for Bernie. 

Here are a few for you.

One person had a thing with Bernie and works for Disney? We were wondering if Bernie opposed Disney at any time? 

I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, the campaign gives specific restrictions to interact with constituents. They are not there to change opinions or convert to Bernie fans. But to make sure those independents vote for him.

Then there was another who is going to vote for moral obligations. Another interesting concept?

One person wants to vote for Mickie. I can second that.

There were another one or two who are planning and agree to vote for Bernie.

Most of the houses were non responsive or declined to talk or open the doors although it appears to be that someone is at home. I don't blame them. Most likely I might ignore a knock thinking the same as they do. 

Can we determine there is a strong support for Bernie? Maybe people recognize the truth he is speaking. Could this will win Bernie? Chances are somewhat 50-50 I should say. Bernie's support has grown among the younger generations. They like his direct views of certain issues. 

Will he be able to make changes as people expect? We live in a day and age where people are bought out to do the wrong thing. It all comes to few who control the economies. 

The observations although uneventful gives a little glimpse to the voter’s perception of the Presidential elections.

We canvassed mostly lower to high middle class neighborhood. This is just an experience we are presenting to the readers. Do your homework and decide who our next President would be. The world need peace, understanding and change has to happen for us to live in peace. Or we can expect a World War III?

People are morally bankrupt. Except for Buthan the world measure growth only with Gross Product Growth. How about really happy and healthy people? When are we going to take these into consideration?

The real peace and happiness comes with simple, honest and compassionate living. 

Maybe this a very distant dream? My thought on tomorrow's primary is to exercise your vote responsibly for the best possible candidate. 

Once they get your vote they will be inaccessible to you. The real question is, will they have the courage to rescue the world from the corruption and greed?



Helicopter hovering around


Dogs were there to greet us. One almost came at us and we were saved by the owner



Beautiful Flowers



A wasp nest 


And sadly people washing off their drive way instead of saving water




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