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It was the code camp Sunday. Unfortunately, I missed the Saturday session.  I heard it was good. May be next time.

As I entered I was asked to register. So I did. I thought agggh… just another regular event. Was it another regular event? No it wasn’t. It was the coding camp. You learn to code within 2 days. A bit of a challenge? Yes it was. Obviously you have to have some exposure to learn coding in 2 days.

The attendees were from different companies who does coding for their particular companies. The best part of it was you get to ask questions and find the answers right away to apply to your problem. Then test it to see if it works. This is what the organizers and the attendees were bragging about.

Let’s talk about coding. What is coding? Today we practically do almost everything using a computer and the internet. Coding makes it possible for us to do everything we need to do on computer. The language for interacting with computer is coding. Coding creates computer software, apps, websites, and more. We do all our electronic transactions with ease and banking thanks to coding. And to computer programmers who tirelessly do coding or otherwise known as programming.

So how important coding you think in today’s electronic world? Extremely important to the future of professionals and businesses. We all depend on our electronics and ease of using the devices and also enhancing our daily living.

I was participating in one of the coding lessons for graphics. Very interesting but a little bit boring since the programmer was not really talking to the audience.  But he gave good information to get those shapes right and create a nice logo for yourself. I also participated at high end cloud computing and the latest hybrid cloud computing. This cutting edge technology is the future and the information was valuable.

There was another highlight that all the coding attendees enjoyed. The OCCALUS 3D by Samsung. Guys you can watch your games or movies without disturbing your wife. It was clear and quite enthralling to watch a movie. You can use your smart phone and download the app and start watching with what they offer or you can buy what you want to watch as well. That was a fascinating experience many of us enjoyed at the code camp.


According to the organizers Art Villa and Hattan Shobokshi they plan to bring this event every year. They want people to learn coding, understand how the software and computers come together and run smoothly and also make a living out of coding.

There are many Benefits to learning to code. They are:

  • Make your own Graphics
  • Make your own web site
  • Make apps
  • Have an idea may be the next Facebook? Create it on your own.
  • Be a business and sell mobile apps, software, e-commerce, cloud services, or sell your coding time.

This is an ongoing effort of promoting coding and helping professionals, network, learn and share knowledge of their expertise as well as their products. If you are a speaker you benefit from this by promoting your product as well as satisfaction of teaching a little about what you know and be proud of yourself that you can code.

There were many sponsors who sponsored this event including Github, PDSA, 

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