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Fullerton Women's Leadership Forum

Fullerton Women's Leadership Forum was held on November 12th 2015.  This event was hosted by Mayor Pro team Jennifer Fitzgerald, Councilwoman Jan Flory and The Woman's Club of Fullerton. Every year "The Leadership Forum" honor few accomplish women in the community. The event was first started by former Councilwoman and 65th District Assemblywoman; Sharon Quirk Silva.

The honoree guest speakers were; Assemblywoman 65th District; Young Kim, President Pathways of Hope; Barbara Jennings, Owner Vino Nostra Wine Bar; Dena David, Author: The Boy on the Wooden Box; Lis Leyson and the Rising Star, Member Fullerton Planning Commission; Ma'Ayn Johnson. 


L - R Young Kim, May'Anyn Johnson, Dena David, Lis Leyson, and Barbara Jennings


 Kris Hana, President of Women's Club of Fullerton presenting the Certificate of Recognition from California Legislature to Author; Lis Leyson 

The 65th District Assemblywoman, Young Kim made the audience think twice of immigrant's who make big in America and how they achieve their dreams. She was an immigrant child from South Korea and made through her journey to be the 65th District Assemblywoman. Her message was to keep that perseverance until you achieve your dream. 

65th Assemblywoman Young Kim 


Author Lis Leyson gave us a teary story which was a great inspiration to the audience. Her story not only gave all of the audience a great message but took us an emotional journey touching our hearts. 

Author Lis Leyson



President Pathways of Hope; Barbara Johnson unwillingly speaking at the Honor Society while she was a kid, about Leadership today is a role model and provide a great service to the society. What stuck in her mind of Leadership was: "A leader must take responsibility for the consequences of his action." Her theme for the Leadership forum was "Leader's as Encourages." 


Barbara Johnson, President Pathways of Hope.


Owner, Vino Nostra Wine Bar: Dena David who started her career with Fullerton Cafe Hidalgo and inspired to start her own Wine store in Fullerton. 



Member Planning Commission and our Rising Star May'Ayn Johnson told her journey from an arrogant kid to a service woman today. We are proud of her. 

Member Planning Commission, May'Ayn Johnson

Whether you were an honoree or an attendee you all are leaders in our community and please be proud of the work that you do whether you are a business owner, Charity Organization or a Government Employee. Because of all your contributions the community thrive.

After hearing the news of Paris I think more than ever, today we need the compassionate leaders to lead. You all are those leaders and we all have a role to play to make the society and this world a better place to live. THANK YOU TO ALL THE WOMEN!!





 Please Enjoy the event here. 


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