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Israel Occupation of Palestine Over The Time

Students Showcase Israel Occupation of Palestine  Over The Time

See below the Map of Palestine of Green Land became a Ocuupied Land by Israel. 



Prior to 1947 the land known as Palestine, was a peaceful home to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In 1947 UN Partition Plan was brought in under Zionist pressure. The UN alotted 55 % of the land to become the Jewish State of Israel. Although the Jews made up only 30 % of the population of the region.


Zionists represent an extremist minority of the Jewish Population. Zionist immigartion lead to the theft of Palestinian Land from it's indigenous people. For the last 60 plus years Palestinian families were uprooted by the Israeli forces to pave the way for the Jewish State. 

"Zionism does not equal Judaism."


 In 1950 nearly 750,000 people were left homeless as a result of the occupation. Today over 7,000,000 Palestinians are registered refugees. One third of refugees live in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

With over crowded living spaces, Socioeconomic conditions within the camps are poor.  They live a harsh life in inadequate infrastucture and little-to-no access to electricity or clean water. 

Under Israeli law, displaced Palestinians are not allowed to return to their homeland. Their presence is seen as a threat to the maintenance of the new Jewish State. 

GAZA & THE WEST BANK are the only remaining officially recognized Plestinian territories. These terrains are currently under brutal military occupation with stringent check points. Electricity, clean water, and fertile soil is scarce, making living conditions impossible. Since Israel's last siege on Gaza in 2014, the city still remains in ruins. Residents describe Gaza as "an open-aired prison." 

Watch below by Students for Justice Palestinenian (SJP) President's explanation of the current ongoing crisis in Palestine and Israel. 


You hear the frustration and the sadness in her voice for her people and her country. The law has become one sided. The UN laws has been broken by this wall. Who is to blame?



 Looking back...

March 22, 2010

During a phone conversation with Mahmoud Abbas, Secretary Clinton harshly criticized the lack of a Palestinian acceptance of the Jewish state of Israel.

According to Charles Krauthammer recounts, Israelis have made several attempts at peace, over decades. Israel has been serious about peace, but has seriously lacked a partner.

One observer suggests this episode highlights "a mind-set that holds that Israeli settlements are the primary obstacle to peace and that an Israeli-Palestinian accord is necessary to defeat the broader terrorist movement."

November 20th 2012 - Congressman Ed Royce, Foreign Affairs Committe now Chairman, issued a statement of the Israel and Palestine Crisis. 

"Israel faced a barrage of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip as terrorist group Hamas has stepped up its indiscriminate attacks. One rocket attack reportedly struck close to Tel Aviv, marking a significant escalation of this conflict. Israel has more than the right to defend itself, it has a duty to protect its citizens... "


The myths and myth busters according to SPJ wall.



Please watch the video for more information . 


Israel is the largest foreign recipient of U.S. economic and military assistance. They receive approximately 3.1 billion US Aid in economic and military assistance. 

"There is no justification for Palestinians by the Israel Governemnent." - SJP President Noor Salameh, CSUF






Jamal Dajani, Peabody Award winning Journalists point of view on this crisis:

"This is how rabid colonial settlers go on a stroll in the streets of Jerusalem and Hebron...imagine if it was Palestinians who were carrying the M-16s, their pictures will be plastered all over western media..." J D


"How do you interpret these headlines and picture in the Wall Street Journal? Did the WSJ provide any context to the story? There is always a "bloody encounter" when a fully armed soldier invades your space and occupies your land! Where was the soldier? In Hebron...should Palestinians shower him with flowers?" J D



 "When Zionist politicians and their surrogates in the US say, “let’s calm things down, and return to the negotiations table," what they really mean is , "let's maintain the master & slave relationship with the Palestinians." J D

We hope that this crisis will be over soon and all people reunite and live in peace. It is important we recognize and act as one human race. Any segregations, divisions only will complicate the lives of people all around the world. Hatred should combat with compassion and greed & injustice should replace with justice and fairness. This earth belongs to all living beings. Freedom is their birth right. 


P.S. Our thanks Noor Salameh and Jamal Dajani and original authors of pictures.

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