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It's a Car, its Energy? No it's Meditation


Energy in the Cycle of Emotions by using the simile of the Car.  - Venerable Khanti Khema


Using the simile of the car Venerable Khanthi Kema explains how the simple act like smile can change your life and the life of people around you and the ones you meet. 

"You can help if you just relax and smile. You become the light, opening up the light to the darkness around you. " 

She compares five precepts to a Super Car... (you can listen) 

She speaks about the Buddha teaching "How unwholesome thoughts, speech and action which is unwholesome mind state turn to a wholesome mind state."

How you can do this is to "Practice Right Effort."  - Recognize, Release, Smile, Repeat...

Preparatory steps to succeed the practice for the right effort? -

1) Dana (Giving,)

2) Sila(Compassion,) and

3) Bhavana (Meditation.) 

When your six sense doors open and experience, she nicely explain what to do with the analogy of the car. 

        • Key to ignition - Contact
        • Turn key to start the ignition - Feeling
        • 1st gear jerks the car as the tension arises = Craving 

        • 2nd gear speeds up and you get involved with driving = Clinging 

        • 3rd gear begins involving real driving = Habitual Tendencies

        • 4th gear car goes faster onto the highways = Birth of Action 

        • Then you run out of gas....

Please listen to the above video and the series to understand and practice it for your life.

This practice is not just isolated. It was used by the lay people. 

You can contact her by:

          • Ph: 0115666588
          • Web


We wish you all happiness and peace! Hope this helps to make your life a little better. 


Credits to Venerable Khanthi Kema,

  Dharmavahini TV  

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