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Last of our Nature getting Destroyed?

Indian tribes are fighting to preserve the last of our preserved beautiful land and nature from greedy pipe line company.  


Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray

credit to and original authors

Should they be the only ones to fight for our environment and nature? Americans as a whole should support to stop this destructive project. What good does it bring to transport oil through underground pipelines? Don't we witnessed enough disaster trying to go against nature? Do we have to pollute our water and destroy mankind sooner than its course?

The pipeline company has attacked these Native Indian people with dogs, pepper sprays and their mighty power? How about taking action who committed these attacks against Native People? What people should understand is that this is not a battle of only Native Indians. This is a battle for all of us occupying this planet. If we let the earth destroyed by human greed soon we would not have a place to call home. The earth would be another doomed planet?

Shall we all come together as one human race and work together to protect our Planet which we all call HOME?


Native Activist Winona LaDuke: "Pipeline Company Enbridge Has No Right to Destroy Our Future"



Indigenous Protesters Shut Down Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline


P.S. All the video credit goes to its original authors and DemocracyNow.Org

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