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3rd Annual Natural Health & Beauty Expo by WCOF

Women's Club of Fullerton proudly held its 3rd Annual Natural Health & Beauty Expo under Linda Holman's Leadership who also was the original founder of "Natural Health & Beauty Expo." Linda started the Natural Expo in 2013. Linda Holman is the current President of WCOF who is the successor to the preceding President of WCOF Kris Hana.

Linda strongly believes that toxin free food and cosmetics should be made available to the public and they should be educated about these choices. Together with the other WCOF Club members, she makes an attempt to educate more women and the community. "Healthy Community;" mind, body, and spirit are what Linda believes.

As you see in the above highlights of the Natural Health & Beauty Expo, there were many vendors who offer Natural products to the consumers. Dr. Tobin, help people find their healthy lifestyle and offer many services for you to lead a healthy life. I was amazed to see they even have Vegan Handbags! Yes, you heard it right; "Vegan Handbags." 

I definitely believe in introducing healthy choices to our women and the communities and educating them about their choices. Today this is not just a fad but necessity to our daily lives. The world has become such a mix of chemicals we need to detox ourselves and make healthy choices to stay healthy. 

The Natural Health & Beauty Expo is one of many Community Events & Fundraisers Women's club of Fullerton organizes annually. The women who are involved live up to their Mission Statement by volunteering in many local charities of their choice and working with the community to improve the community they live in. In a year they do conduct many fundraisers to help one charity which the club voted for. 

The Mission of the Fullerton Woman's Club is:

"The Woman’s Club of Fullerton is dedicated to uniting women of all ages for community service, supporting charitable organizations, fostering friendships, and empowering women through learning about the community around us."


In the line of promoting health, they do have hikes twice or more a week so that women can together participate to keep themselves healthy. These hikes are organized by Beverly Thompson, and Alicia Castillo-De La Luz. If you like to join look them up on Facebook for more information. 

The women's Club of Fullerton is a part of, "The General Federation of Women’s Club." The General Federation of women’s Clubs is an International Woman’s Organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

If you were wondering about the history and how it all began?

In Year, 1868 - Professional journalist Jane Cunningham Croly is denied
entrance to an all-male press club event and responds by organizing a
woman’s club. Jennie June, as she is known, names the club Sorosis, a Greek
word meaning -
“an aggregation; a sweet flavor of many fruits.”


Woman's Club Founder Jane Croly


kris-daughter-cut.jpg susan-cut.jpg
Future Leaders of WCOF - Kris Hana's Daughter  Susan gave an inspirational talk - "How to overcome crisis in life"
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If you are a woman looking to share your expertise and also contribute to the society come and see what WCOF has to offer. Join them and start your journey to making a difference in your community. If you did not get a chance to attend the Expo this year we will see you next year at the "Natural Health & Beauty Expo." 


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