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Tea for Justice Peace and Love Contest

Tis the Season!! Join Hands with Tea Vendors and Tea Lovers around the world!!

Tea 4 Justice, Peace and Love


Send us your 3 seconds video or a picture depicting the theme "Tea for Justice, Peace and Love." 

The Categories are as follows:



1.     Individuals
2.     Tea Shop Owners
3.     Large Tea Shops
4.     Tea Manufacturer's
5.     Tea Estates
6.     Tea Event Organizers 


If you are a Tea seller. Tea shop, tea company, tea estate or any tea vendor or not; get in touch with us to get the promotional kit so that you can promote your clients the theme "Tea 4 Justice, Peace and Love." This is created specially to give all the Tea Industry to interact with their clients. And our Sponsor's are providing the prizes. Get busy and provide your commercials. When we say your company can provide only one commercial we mean from your company. But your clients can provide their versions with your company name attached. Hope this is clear now to all.

Some of the Prizes are a Mystery and we can only say it's big. May be the dream of your life.


We will announce some of the prizes from our Sponsor's within coming few days. So get busy and start sending those videos and pictures. Please post directly to Social Tea V, Face Book page. With public votes and a panel of judges will decide the final winners?

We shall receive all the entries on or before December 31st  11.59 p.m. 2015 - "Due To the Vendor Requests this has extended until February 15th 2016, Valentines day 12.00 Noon."

Any entries received there after will be disqualified.


We would have winners from all over the world. Certain restrictions apply according to the security reasons. 


Rules and Regulations:

Yes you can be anywhere in the world and participate on this competition.

You should provide us original work.

Any copying or third party art work is considered perjury and will be rejected.

Yes you can use any language.

Derogatory language in your art work will make you disqualified.

Yes you can make this a commercial for your business.

We will run these commercials free or with our sponsors in the coming New Year.

No you are not guaranteed of any special favors from our Sponsor's or our affiliate companies or from Social TeaV. 

We reserve the right to disqualify any and all entries which do not follow the guide lines.

The picture should be 950 pixels by 450 pixels. The width can differ accordingly.

The video should be posted to Facebook using any media visible and appropriate. Please use Social TeaV U tube Chanel. We do not guarantee your entry submission if posted with any other channels. 

Only one entry per person or company. (Please see the above UPDATE for more clarification of this statement.) 

These rules and instructions can and may vary without notice. 


EXAMPLE FOR FUN: Disclaimer: "Please note this is not an official entry nor we are participating in this contest. Nor a commercial."




We were at a concert and the lights were too bright. My frined let me borrow his glasses to prevent me from complaining of brightness. My other friend looked at me wearing glasses and her first reaction was "You look like the Sri-Lankan Ex-Terminator." So the tagline was born and I just wanted to enact a scene from Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie with Tea of course. 


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