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A Calf goes missing and India goes nuts?






On Monday night India murdered one of his sons. Reason: a calf goes missing and under the suspicion that this person had beef in his house? Can you comprehend this story while saying we live in the 21st century? 

I'm sorry your Honor’s, not only can a meat ban be forced down people’s throats in India, they can drag a man out of his home and pound and smash him to death, on the mere suspicion, or because it is rumored, that he has some beef in his kitchen.

In a village in Dadri, on the outskirts of Delhi, an announcement was made in a temple that a cow had been slaughtered, soon 200 people gathered at the home of Mohammad Akhlaq and bashed him to death in the presence of his 22 year old son. This is the direct result of the hysteria created in the country over meat and beef bans.

Your strategy is doing very well home minister, I don't know if your goal of ensuring Bangladesh stops eating beef is successful, but you have definitely begun to create fear and anxiety in North India, even when beef is not being consumed.

The murdered man's family says there was no beef in the house, and the police could not find any. The Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh blamed the BJP for the murder, saying it was using issues like beef and cow slaughter to spread hate. And, guess who the BJP MP from the area is? The very own culture minister Mahesh Sharma. He says it was a "misunderstanding."

I'm sorry that will not wash minister, you spread a new kind of understanding, so where's the possibility of a misunderstanding, you started the fire, don't pretend to be sorry about the intensity of the flames.

Roy Daniels


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