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Climate Change, Carbon and Earth's Vital Signs

Our Earth is Sick and Grasping for breath. We All should Help. 

Our planet is beautiful and without any doubt an awesome place. Nature itself is breath taking so is our diverse human species who live in this world in different parts of the world with different geographical similarities and their rituals and way of life. If we take the time to admire the differences and understand those differences the earth we live in is an amazing place. All living beings in this world need this earth to live. 

A Small Parrot Who Save The Forrest from Burning!

Once upon a time a small parrot was living in a large forest. The forest was burning. This parrot brought water in his small beak and try to put out the fire. 

The Celestial God Indra watching this deed approached the parrot and asked him. "You are such a small parrot. How can you put out such a big forest fire?" The parrot answered: "I don't know. Since I am a member of this forest I must try to put out the fire." God Indra was impressed with the efforts, sincerity and compassion of this parrot and used his powers to put out the forest fire. The small parrot was the Lord Buddha in one of his past lives. The moral of the story is we all can pitch in and make a difference and take care of the planet we live in. If each one of us do our part to reduce the air pollution and consciously use the natural resources we would be able to preserve and expand the life cycle of the earth.  It's not just a decision of Paris COP21. It's the responsibility of all of us.

Master Hsing Yun on Environmental & Spiritual Preservation 

Just as venerable Master Hsing Yun explained at General Conference in 2010 as the Key Note Speaker, he spoke of the "Environmental and Spiritual Preservation;" the earth is sick. The earth is facing devastating reparations and gasping for breath. Today's earth is facing global warming, melting of glaciers, whole in the ozone layer, lack of water sources, and many other ills. Some people ask “We are one or we don’t have the power or strength to change. How can we help to save the earth?” The story of the parrot is not only heartwarming but gives us an inspiration to take action. Humans should stop been selfish thinking that every life and resource on earth is at their disposal. Deforestration and killing any and all living thing to satisfy the taste bud causes the imbalance of the ecological system on earth. 

The humans need four elements to survive.  They are the earth, Water, Fire and Wind. It is our responsibility and our duty to protect the Mother earth. 

In a new video, NASA scientists on a 40-minute visual tour of Earth from space, presented at the IMAX Theater at National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. on September 10 shows us the Global Warming and Climate Change. We took the liberty of taking stills from the video to give you a visual cue of what's happening to our earth. Please watch the video below for more information and a better understanding of this presentation. 200 countries in Paris at COP21 conference agreed on protecting our mother earth. Let's hope we all keep our promise to mother earth and do our part to lessen the pain she is suffering to provide for all her children. 























Please watch the videos for a better understanding of the visuals given above. We try to give you a visual understanding without words of the "CLIMATE CHANGE HAPPENING GLOBALLY." Thank you for your time and contribution to make our planet a better place. If not as shown in the last picture, our future generations will have to look for a new planet to live. REMEMBER THIS IS THE ONLY HOME WE ALL HAVE. So Please pledge to take good care of it.  - THANK YOU -

P.S. Credit to NASA, The Conference Speakers, Master Hsing Yun and the original authors of the pictures and Art Works.


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