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Malala Your enemies are your greatest strength.

Watching the way Malala is attacked is even more inspiring than watching her being awarded, praised, and celebrated.


When confronted by the fact that she was shot in the head, people say so what, they were shot by the Taliban too. (Apparently in Pakistan it's like getting the flu).

When she says children should be educated, people say they already know that, thank you very much, and they don't need to be reminded by an employee of the CIA.

When she says her mother and grandmother were illiterate, lived in a walled compound, and were made to make babies, and she doesn't want to be like them, they say, see see see, she has no respect, she's abusing her parents.

When she makes audiences laugh with a witty statement, analogy or metaphor, they say she's a drama queen, and anyway she does not write the stuff, as if all the great people in the world never had speech writers.

When she's clever, people say we like what she's doing, but why is she so clever?

Being in the "education sector" they obviously feel she should be boring.

When the camera cuts to a smiling proud father, when she's speechifying, people say she's being "handled" and stage managed, forgetting that a year ago she was just 16.

When she criticizes her environment (like Gandhi, or any reformer does) they say she's spoiling the image of the country, (like they said of Gandhi) as if there was a great image existing in the first place.

If the same critics read this they would say, Ha Ha Ha you are comparing her with Gandhi?

If she smiles all the time, they say she's perpetually laughing at us, the Taliban should shoot her once more.

When the anniversary of her being shot is remembered people say how horrible, such things should be forgotten, not remembered.

If the audience claps when she receives the Nobel they say Malala Yousafzai should be awarded the Oscar instead of the Nobel Prize.

"Roll on Malala... Your enemies are your greatest strength."

Roy Daniels

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