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coedm7kuaaak0ly.jpgLittle Aylan Kurdis

This picture shook the whole world when it appeared. It took me personally much courage to write about this and seek some justice for this little kid and thousands who are suffering, stranded at the moment and thousands who gave their lives for chemical weapons. The little boy looks like he is perfectly sleeping if we did not know. A picture staged for a photo op. Unfortunately the raw truth is his little selfless body washed to the shore. Imagine if this is your son?


I wish we saw him today like this. Aylan Kurdis in the picture in his better days. 

Little Aylan Kurdis's father who lost his wife and all three children to the tragedy while trying to flee Syria for a better life is breaking up. This is a mini calamity with different motive not different than Titanic. Except the Titanic Ship carried the ones with the gold, and here these poor people fleeing to make gold and mostly for the safety of their families. When you look at these tragedies; is there a difference in both scenarios? The irony of these heartbreaks. 


It's been 4 years since this unrest started in Syria. When is this going to end? Who would take responsibility for the thousands of innocent lives taken by this man made atrocity.   



"Syria, in the original sense of what is now known as "Greater Syria", encompassed much of the Levant – today's states of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, plus a portion of Turkey. This is the cradle of the three major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam; two were born in Syria, and Islam found its way there very early in its existence." - Revd. Nadin Nassar


Syria's geopolitical position attracted foreign powers. Syria with the help of all its minoritiesChristians, Druze, Alawites, Kurds and other, smaller minorities and with the majority Sunnis, worked hand in hand to achieve this victory.  Syria had been governed by Ottomans for more than 500 years. After that French ruled the country in the 20th century. Finally Syria won their freedom in 1946. 

In 1970 the political situation in Syria took a dramatic turn when a faction of military leaders who were Alawites – an Islamic sect – took power. After many years of oppression under foreign powers Syria faced a threat to be govern by one of their own minorities.

Syrians wished for a long time that there ruling family Assad's will bring stability and freedom after the troubled 1950s and 60s, during which a series of coups d’états pushed the country into uncertainty and military conflict. 

In 1973, Hafez al-Assad joined with Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat in a new major war against Israel. The Soviet Union supplied Egypt and Syria with arms, while the United States of America backed Israel. This disastrous war damaged relations throughout the Middle East and achieved little for Syria.

"Before the region could recover, civil war engulfed Syria’s southern neighbor, Lebanon. The superpowers and regional powers, including Syria, used their allies in Lebanon to wage their own proxy wars in the midst of the 17-year-long Lebanese Civil War. This act by the ruling minority dragged Syria into the heart of the bloodshed through indirect and direct military intervention." 

Trade with the rest of the world was tightly controlled by the Assad regime. Many benefitted from the Lebanese Civil War through establishing smuggling rings and black markets across the Syrian-Lebanese border, with the support of the many in power. This is the beginning of the corruption which infected Syria. In an extremely closed economy, smuggling became the norm. The people of all religions who got closer to Alawite's took advantage of furthering their businesses.  

This squeezed the traditional middle class and deprived them much of their income, fomenting anger and hostility towards the regime and towards Alawites in general.

The regime maintained its hold on power through the usual measures employed by a dictatorship: eliminating dissent through censoring the media, silencing opponents and critics, preventing free speech and denying political expression. 

In the early eighties the Assad regime killed tens of thousands in the western city of Hama to silence the uprising of a Sunni group, the Muslim Brotherhood. 

When Hafez al-Assad died in 2000, his second son, Bashar, an ophthalmologist living in London, inherited the Presidency. A western influenced and educated and married to a lady with the same western upbringing was the hope of Syrians to reform the country. Although he started reforming soon things changed to which it was before. 

Sectarianism was not a part of a Syrian lifestyle until recently. It has been imported by foreign religious fanatics. 

"What is happening in Syria today is not merely the result of a minority ruling a majority. Some of those who are supported by external powers would like the conflict to be seen in this way, but the changes the people seek have nothing to do with Assad coming from a minority." 

--Revd. Nadim Nassar

Syrians looking for a country free of dictatorship; A Democratic Nation, a dignified life of Law abiding, free of oppression and free country. 

According to recent AP reporter; Iran says Asad, Prime Minister of Syria has a "pivotal" role in any Syria Solution. Is this statement really true? We hope so for the sake of a little life washed to the shore in vain and many lives that was taken unnecessarily because of a power of few. This saga should come to an end with the current or a new leadership taking steps to make changes for a better Syria. 

Let's look at the current dilemma at Syria and the world facing. If not for all the restrictions and banning of immigrants may be today this little boy would be still alive. If the country practiced a true democratic policy these people might not looking for gold elsewhere. Would they? This picture came to my inbox and it really made a very rational impact on me. Really? 


Someone has the nerve to put this picture below... "You show me in your action and I believe." As of now, you are not willing to help your own people let along any other who is in need.

See the video below of the people who exploit these innocent refugees who had become refugees not by their fault. The women are been kidnapped, raped, force to marriages as young as 6 or 7 year old. I am glad that Angelina Joeline brought this problem to the United Nations. See the video below.

I have a question and a concern. Why are your Religious leaders absent of these crisis? They should take responsibility and come to the fore front and lead their nations to do the right thing. Now is the time. 


Arab men flock to exploit Syrian refugee camps to rape girls and for Mutah marriage



Angelina Jolie Slams the UN for Their 'Lack of Political Will' to Act on Syria

What You See Below Is True???





Praying or doing nothing while the non-believers come together and help these refugees. Which is greater? Please tell me if you have some common sense; Praying or Helping the People in need at the moment? 



Suggestions from Jamal Dajani, SF Journalist: Jamal Dajani

1) Stop arming the warring parties. This can be done by putting pressure on governments who covertly or overtly support the conflict.
2) Host a family, if they happen to come your way 
3) Donate to reputable organizations that help them, such as Save the Children, UNHRC, etc. 
4) Keep the pressure on wealthy nations to allow them to temporarily relocate, until the conflict is over. 
5) Humanize them...don't buy into individuals or organizations who dehumanize them. Being a refugee is not a crime!


CONTACT INFO FOR UNHRC known as United Nations Human Rights Council 

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Save The Children:

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Few more pictures from courtesy of Voice for Syria. 


Syria Crisis and how you could help

Syrian Refugees lonely and without help

THIS PICTURE WAS TITLED " PLEASE SIR A BISCUIT AND SOME WATER." The most heart wrenching picture of all.

A Syrian Refugee Child asking for a biscuit and some water





We like to thank all the people and Governments who are currently working to resolve this inhumane problem that has been lurking for a while. The world need to keep their differences aside and come together as one human race to solve a human crisis such as this. Every human being living in this earth deserves freedom to live their lives without fear and force of power from outside. 


P.S. Credit to original authors. We have gathered information from various sources and unable to name each and every one of you here. But our gratitude for your willingness to share. Special thanks to "Voice for Syria."  


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