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Yesterday we brought an article more like a rant from one of the writer's titled "ARE CHRISTIANS BEING PERSECUTED IN INDIA?" Our goal was to give an insight of an individual experience and share it with the world. We did not expect viloence nor offend anyone.


 "Are Christians being persecuted in India?" UPDATE From the Author:

"How Propaganda makes perception A Reality and FEAR the FASHION"

I've visited St Mary's Church, Agra, several times in the past, for the Watch night Services on Christmas and New Year's Eve. But I haven't been there for a couple of years now. It's a quaint little church, built in 1923, just off Mall Road, and when tourists want to bend a knee, or say a prayer far from home, they head for it because it's old, cozy, and it's very near Agra's busy hotel complex. It just a couple of kilometers from my home. When I entered the gates in the afternoon, the police were still there talking to a young priest.

I walked up to them, and the priest turned to meet me. I introduced myself, and he said his name was John Roshan. Yes, he said in answer to my question, at around 3.30 am, the priests woke to the sound of a car alarm screeching inside the church premises. When they rushed out they discovered that the statues of Mary were dislodged and damaged. A statue of the baby Jesus was broken, decapitated, and the head handed back to his mother, it was placed I believe on her chest. A dog's chain was wrapped around her, and the collar was placed dangling on her chest. "Any idea who did this?" I asked. John Roshan was quiet clear, "We have absolutely no idea". He looked towards the police and said, "That's their job." I spent a few more moments with him, told him to be of good cheer, he gave me a warm smile, and I left. Below the church on one of its better days.





Mr. Modi we urge you to look into this kind of immature and fundamentalist behavior. When we supported you at the time of your elections; we mean not only your neighboring countries but the world, and gave you a platform in Media we expected and trusted you to be a leader to all your people and be a kind and firm leader to your neighboring countries as well as all people. We still believe you are.


I have a humble request to you. Please look into this matter and make sure this kind of retaliations do not happen in the future. Just because we talk outside India your countries image does not get damaged. But intolerance of people will start a conversation of how Mother India treat her children. With all due respect Prime Minister Mr. Modi I hope you do justice to your citizens in India. And also Buddhists and all other religious people living in India. Thank you in advance for your concern and my heartfelt gratitude for working a solution to this kind of petty problems. The world face much more complex problems today than just believing in a God.

I say to the people if you want to believe in Hindu God, believe in your God and be the best to your God. If you are Christian or a Muslim believe in your God be the best to your God. But remember God does not want you to kill or harm anyone. Improve yourself. Look within. Teach your self-tolerance. India had the privilege of having the greatest human been on earth “Buddha.” He taught you nonviolence and how to live spiritually, with mindfulness and a peaceful life. Another great son in recent years were born to Mother India; Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi showed the way to non-violence although his descendants were not the most tolerable people.

We are all people with a skin and red blood running inside us and keeping us alive. We look different according to our geographic locations we were born into. Still we all are human and one family. Should we be cruel to our own family? Please think people before you go on this kind of unnecessary rampages. Forget the dogma. Practice religion call “Ahinsa or Non-Violence.” Be a good neighbor to your people. Be kind, be humble, and be warm. We all need acceptance and tolerance from each other to live in this world in harmony. The nature depends on this balance. When we disturb this nature itself will take matters into her hands and normalize this planet we live in. We all have only one home. That is this earth. So please handle our mother with care.

I didn’t write this nor brought the article before to offend India or Indian people. I’m not a Christian nor a Hindu or any other like His Holiness Dalai Lama says; my religion too is kindness and also fairness and freedom to be who you want to be. The purpose of the article was to give the people a prevue of the world outside their own territory. I wrote this piece with heavy heart thinking that I somewhat contributed to this violence by bringing in a small ranting from a writer.  Please be aware Journalism is not PR or in other words Public Relations but bringing issues to the fore front so that we can create a better world for all of us to live in and find solutions to problems effecting mankind.

I hope Prime Minister Mr. Modi will do the right thing with his cabinet and the people. Thank you in advance for your concern and prompt action. 


BELOW SEE THE INFORAMTION REPORT TO THE POLICE in INDIA. Thanks John Dayal for getting this information.

Copy of the FIR [First Information Report to the police] [from the original in Hindi] in case of vandalising of the St Mary's Catholic church [erected 1923], Agra, State of Uttar Pradesh, India, made by the Parish Priest, Fr Moon Lazarus, of the Agra Catholic Archdiocese

First Information Report filed today at Thana Rakabganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, under Indian Penal Code Sections 295/153 A(2)/427

District Agra. FIR No. 0091 date 16.04.2015

Complainant : Fr. Eugene Moon Lazarus

Address: St. Mary’s Church, Ajmer Road, Agra: Phone 09412827483

To The Inspector In charge

Thana Rakabganj, Agra

With due respect this is to inform you that I, Fr. Moon Lazarus, am the Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Church, Agra. 

Today, 16.04.2015 early morning I heard the anti-theft alarm of my car parked in Church premise and came out from
my room along with other people staying in Church campus. We saw the side door window mirrors were
broken and some people were running out from the boundary of church.

We shouted and they ran away. I along with Fr. Joseph Dabre, Fr. Rajan Das and Fr. John Roshan saw that Church is vandalized. Four statues of Mother Mary are broken. The glass case was also broken. The head of Baby Jesus statue was broken and kept in the hands of Mother Mary’s statue. The neck of human size statue of Mother Mary is tied with dog-chain, which is a high insult to all of us. The attackers have not only broken the images inside the church but they have played with the sentiments of Christian community. 

It has been observed since last many days that Christians are targetted and their churches are vandalized which has
created fear in our community.

Therefore you are requested to kindly file the complaint and take serious actions against people who did
this shameful act. 

Date 16.04.15 
Writer Pradeep Patrick Frank resident of House Number E3/661 Shaheed Nagar, Agra 
Signed: by Fr Moon Lazarus.

Case registered

Directed Name: Sub-Inspector Santosh Singh




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