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Sri-Lanka need Action on Environmental Protection

Bopath Ella or Bothal Katu Ella: (Broken Glass Trash City?)

Will the authorities take action?


Bopath Ella in Kuruvita is a popular destination among local tourists. But the same tourists who flock to enjoy this waterfall contribute towards its pollution by throwing garbage including non-biodegradables such as plastic, polythene and glass bottles. As a result, Bopath Ella is now known as ‘Bothal Katu Ella’ (Crushed Glass Waterfall). The organization of Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka held a successful trash cleanup and awareness event on April 25, 2015 at Bopath Ella, and all collected glass bottles were handed over to Piramal Company in Horana for recycling. But within five months, the waterfall and surrounding area have been polluted again.

It is sad to see that the public does not understand that it is not the duty of environmentalists to keep the country clean and beautiful, it is the duty of every citizen to do so. It is clearly evident that awareness alone will not protect Bopath Ella.

Therefore, we propose the following action to the Kuruvita Divisional Secretariat and Central Environmental Authority to address this growing issue.

1. The main source of garbage in Bopath Ella is food, beverages and liquor being brought in. Officials should prevent visitors from bringing these items within close proximity to the waterfall. Provide facilities for consumption of food and beverages in the space available in the car park.

2. Ticket prices should be reasonably increased to cover the cost of keeping the surroundinggs of the waterfall clean.

3. Additional security guards should be deployed and spot fines should be imposed on those who flout the laws and consume liquor in the area close to the waterfall.

4. Install notice boards requesting help from the public to keep Bopath Ella clean and beautiful.

Will the authorities take timely action and protect Bopath Ella or will we lose yet another waterfall due to the callous regard for nature?

- Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka

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