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What would Myanmar Victory bring with Suu Victory?


Known formally as Burma now Myanmar had a victory today for their fight for Democracy. Although Myanmar is celebrating there is 25% go automatically to the military regime which still hold and rule in Parliament according to their constitution. Aung Sang Suu Kyi's party still have to get two third of the seats. Another obstacle to Suu is that some of her children holding foreign passports. The party that ruled the country with an iron clad prohibited any person becoming President if any relatives hold foreign passports. 


Even though the defeat is clear for the former political party, military backed Union Solidarity and Development, the outcome of the whole election according to some is unclear due to above reasons that former party  established. The predictions are the USDP will take over all the powerful ministries in the country such as Defense, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Policy etc. 

A concern has been raised that this could mean a drastic escalation in a pattern of discrimination and violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims – a crisis that many observers have decried as genocidal.

International State Crime Initiative Report by London researches has this message for Myanmar Government, Civilians and International Civil Society: "This report concludes with an urgent warning to civil society in Myanmar, to international civil society, to the government of Myanmar and to international states. A genocidal process is underway in Myanmar and if it follows the path outlined in this report, it is yet to be completed. It can be stopped but not without confronting the fact that it is, indeed, a genocide."

The world has to wait and see the rest of the results of the rural areas in Myanmar and also what would be the future of Myanmar and its people of all races and religions. 

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