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Young boy gang raped by elite Pakistani men



Four wealthy men from Bahawalnagar, Pakistan has raped a 4 year old boy and dumped his body near a Christian district in Punjab Province according to media reports. Two residents from Bahawalnagar has found the remains of the boy's body. The names are kept off of media for the protection of their families. 

The post - mortem examination revelead that the 7 year old was killed after being brutally raped. A police official Sahar Fareed told the press a First Information Report has being filed against four suspects of whom three have ben arrested. Three alleged rapists identified as Ayaz, MujeeburRehman, and Avaz. The fourth suspect Asad is still at large and police is looking for him. Jam Mazoor, the Police Station head officer revealed to "The Express Tribune." 

According to the villagers these four men are from affluent families and were under the influence of alcohol. They abducted the chld took them to their camp where they sexually abused the boy. Tribune revelead that they used a rope to kill the victim. 

A Human Rights Organization "Open Doors" who focuses on raising awareness about "Christian Opression," Pakistan ranks eight in the World Watch List of countries whrer Christians face persecution. 

Isn't it time we put humans in lieu of your "God" or whatever you believe in? People use reliegeon as an excuse to get what they want. Crime is a crime where ever it is commmited in the world. Rape is rape who ever and which ever form it has taken to commit the crime. It's definietly time for people to come together as one human family regardless of their backgrounds and their faith, and stop these violence. Don't you think? 

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