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No you guys are not getting a press pass either...

Posted by Madusha Palliyage on

It was a hot June day in Las Vegas. Finally I managed to get to Las Vegas after my conference at Orange County. The next morning still hot I was looking forward to see the familiar faces of some of the tea vendors and some new. It's always a pleasure to see their exhibits and taste few good teas. Since I go on the last day usually that means Friday, I don't get to see everyone of them. But manage to talk to few who are still at the Exhibition floor.

Carrying all my heavy camera equipment I entered the World Tea Expo 2016. I was happy to finally made it. Soon my happiness dissipated and frustration set in. WTE refuse to issue a press pass for me. I said after many wasted sentences back and forth; O.K. let me buy a Guest Pass. Well that too was refused? I was like what the ..... are you talking about?

Make a long story short I managed to enter the floor after wasting almost good two hours or more. Sadly by that time my enthusiasm to cover the poor vendors who were eagerly waiting has disappeared, and instead anger had set in. 

The only good thing came out was these pigeons who were following us to the press room and they were looking for doughnut crumbs. Aaron and I was amazed and he told them "No you guys aren't getting a press pass either." This made both of us burst into laughter.

Take a look at some of the exhibits and exhibitors at the World Tea Expo 2016

Here are some of the tea vendors.

The best invention we found at WTE came from Leaf Lab. You must have already seen the video which we posted back in June on our Facebook page. (By the way if you haven't liked our Facebook page please do so now. You get more information and daily doze of tea information and news in our Facebook page. While you're at it follow us on Twitter as well for fun and more tea information. )

Those are tea sheets which are developed for multi use of teas. Very impressive and I think future could very well be this product with lose tea. 

I also loved the Summus Teas innovation of Biodegradable Tea Pods. Very timely product and the world desperately need this kind of biodegradable products.

To me tea always fascinated me and right now the products that enter tea market is mind boggling. So many different flavors and different tea products from tea sheets to tea crystals and much, much more.  

Talking about tea crystals you must have seen how one company has manufactured different kinds of crystals for decorating and flavor. Which was remarkable.

I really love the aroma and freshness of Duan's Teas. Every year he has something new but natural teas which taste and smell heavenly for a long time.

This is a short description of World Tea Expo and their vendors. If you still haven't visited one of the Expo's plan to visit may be next year. There are many good vendors who participate. 

A word to Penton we understand this is your first show. There is a learning curve. The opportunity offers a vast empty space for you to grow with your event. Rather than trying to be everything with teas if you only concentrate on putting the Tea Expo you would be serving the Tea Industry better in our opinion and many agrees with us.

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